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It’s Comic Con Season!

Cloudwrangler Comics new issues hit the road. It’s that time of year again, and Comic Con season kicks off with Emerald City Comic Con March 14-17th! Jeff will have all the goods at Artist Alley table NN-13, and will be featuring art from new issues of Gravity Matters with Sean Dillon (who’ll be tabling right next door!) and The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast Issue #2 with Davide Puppo and Anthony Lee! You can see some very early preview art here, and more at the show! Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast #1 makes it’s Emerald City Comic Con debut this year!Last year we were deep into Kickstarter, so if you backed […]

Cloudwrangler Comics is coming to Long Beach Comic Expo! Plus a full slate of convention appearances this year are announced, and an all-new Kickstarter project is coming in February! I’m super excited to be appearing in Artist’s Alley at Long Beach Comic Con, Feb. 17th and 18th at the Long Beach Convention Center! Come check out the very first Cloudwrangler Comics table, featuring tons of great stuff! I’ll have copies  of Gravity Matters, Major Holmes & Captain Watson, and much more. I’m really excited to start presenting these books to the public, and hope a ton of you can come by! Long Beach puts on a great […]

Gravity Matters: Blackline debuts here and at ComiXology!

We’re super stoked to add this new title from Cloudwrangler Comics to our site, and even more excited to bring it to you via ComiXology. Their Guided View Technology gives the art a whole new dimension, so please check them both out!  The stunning sequel to Gravity Matters was available in 2016 only to Kickstarter backers, but now is your chance to get your hands on it. After all, it’s the first #NCBD of 2017, and we wanted to drop something special! Gravity Matters: Backline finds Amy Pill’s sister Victoria living in a city-sized spaceship in near earth orbit. Victoria is a research […]

The Kickstarter rewards shipping is DONE!!!!!!

Or, just about almost maybe totally done… The Motherlode!!! Almost every single rewards package was packed and shipped this week! Keep an eye on your mailboxes folks. There are two International backers from whom I still need a phone number for customs purposes (check your KS messages and emails if you’re outside the US please!) and some local folks in San Francisco who are going to receive special hand deliveries this week, but other than that, all rewards are sent! Thanks again so much to everyone who backed the book! Here are a few more happy customers who got their goods already, […]

AAAAAND We’re Back… From NYCC!!!

Hey everyone! I just returned from New York Comic Con, and it was a fantastic, exhausting, exhilarating, rejuvenating, absolutely-had-a-blast-on-a-stick experience! Before I left, a TON of folks had their rewards packages shipped out to them, and I’ve been receiving some great news. Check these out! Steve P. sure likes his comics!   Best Halloween screen name EVAH!!!!   Hoping for some t-shirt modeling in the future… For those of you who elected to have your comics signed by as many creators as possible, GREAT NEWS! I got all the remaining prints and the alt cover comics signed by the fabulous Betsy […]

Coming appearances by the Gravity Matters Team!

Hey everyone! If you are a backer of the Gravity Matters Kickstarter project, first, thanks a ton. Second, if you opted to have your rewards signed only by Jeff Rider (that’s me, hi!) and hoped to visit some of the other creators at cons or in-store appearances in the future, you are in the right place. Below I’m going to list, as best I can and with their help, the future appearances by folks who worked on Gravity Matters. I HIGHLY encourage you to visit them at these spots and support their work. They all make great comics OTHER than Gravity […]

They’re HERE!!!!

The full order of printed books has arrived!!! I now have ALL the rewards in house, and can begin sorting, packaging and with any luck, MAILING REWARDS FOR KICKSTARTER BACKERS THIS WEEKEND!!!!! Remember, for those who responded to the survey that you wanted books signed by as many creators as possible, I’ll be taking the books with me to New York Comic Con, Oct 6-9, to make that happen. So, those orders will get packed and shipped upon my return the week after. Everything else SHOULD ship out early next week, a shade later than promised but only by a week […]

Gravity Matters drops on Comixology Submit!!!

 We’re totally excited to announce that Gravity Matters is now available on the worlds biggest digital comics platform, ComiXology! Grab a copy now and check out their exclusive Guided View technology for a whole new tablet or cell phone reading experience! Amy Pill is a genius and a slacker who’d rather surf than grind out her day job in 2439, building anti-gravity units for deep-space vehicles. But when her shoddy factory begins to implode around her, will her gritty genius be enough to save her and her sister? Featuring beautiful art by Sean Dillon and lettering by Erica Schultz, Gravity Matters is available […]

Been Bit comes to comiXology Submit!

We’re excited to announce that Been Bit, the Horror/Western thrill ride from Jeff rider (that’s me!) and Stan Chou is now available on ComiXology! The world’s premiere digital comics platform, ComiXology’s unique Guided View technology provides a fantastic new reading experience, and brings an amazing reading experience on tablets and cell phones! Been Bit is the story of troubled gunfighter John Comb haunts the Old West with a terrible secret: bitten by the werewolf who murdered his lover, Comb must hunt the wolf’s Sire to break it’s horrible curse. This thrilling short is just the beginning of this now ongoing web […]