AAAAAND We’re Back… From NYCC!!!

Hey everyone! I just returned from New York Comic Con, and it was a fantastic, exhausting, exhilarating, rejuvenating, absolutely-had-a-blast-on-a-stick experience! Before I left, a TON of folks had their rewards packages shipped out to them, and I’ve been receiving some great news. Check these out!

Steve P. sure likes his comics!
Steve P. sure likes his comics!


Best Halloween screen name EVAH!!!!
Best Halloween screen name EVAH!!!!


Hoping for some t-shirt modeling in the future...
Hoping for some t-shirt modeling in the future…

For those of you who elected to have your comics signed by as many creators as possible, GREAT NEWS! I got all the remaining prints and the alt cover comics signed by the fabulous Betsy Peterschmidt and the bodacious Fabian Lelay, and the fully signed rewards packages will get shipped out this week! We did our best to get as many signatures as possible, but if there’s one you feel like you still need, or you want to collect them all on everything, check the link below for a list of appearances by the Gravity Matters creative team! Find them at shows, visit their booths to say “Hi!”, and buy some of their OTHER awesome comics! Because Sean, Betsy, Fabian, and Erica are all super dope, and I can’t wait to make more comics with them in the future.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Tuesday, and keep an eye on your inboxes, as I have some FREE STUFF coming your digital way VERY SOON!!!!


All tweets used with permission. Feel free to follow these folks RESPECTFULLY. 

Especially Steve.

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