Gravity Matters drops on Comixology Submit!!!

Comixology banner We’re totally excited to announce that Gravity Matters is now available on the worlds biggest digital comics platform, ComiXology! Grab a copy now and check out their exclusive Guided View technology for a whole new tablet or cell phone reading experience!

Amy Pill is a genius and a slacker who’d rather surf than grind out her day job in 2439, building anti-gravity units for deep-space vehicles. But when her shoddy factory begins to implode around her, will her gritty genius be enough to save her and her sister? Featuring beautiful art by Sean Dillon and lettering by Erica Schultz, Gravity Matters is available on ComiXology Submit starting today!

Plus, you can still check it out, along with lots of other offerings! Stay tuned for new and exciting stuff as well, including the upcoming sequel, Gravity Matters: Blackline, and print versions of Gravity Matters and Major Holmes & Captain Watson, coming soon!

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