Gravity Matters: Blackline debuts here and at ComiXology!

We’re super stoked to add this new title from Cloudwrangler Comics to our site, and even more excited to bring it to you via ComiXology. Their Guided View Technology gives the art a whole new dimension, so please check them both out!  The stunning sequel to Gravity Matters was available in 2016 only to Kickstarter backers, but now is your chance to get your hands on it. After all, it’s the first #NCBD of 2017, and we wanted to drop something special!

Gravity Matters: Backline finds Amy Pill’s sister Victoria living in a city-sized spaceship in near earth orbit. Victoria is a research fellow in Blackline Technology: using micro black holes made in supercolliders for unlimited power! But when a miscalculation pulls unimaginable horror from the other side of the universe, Victoria and her new friend Dar must come together to save Amy and the rest of the city-ship! With art by Sean Dillon, Blackline is a wild sci-fi adventure for all ages.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for news this week about the opening of the brand new Online Store from Cloudwrangler Comics. You can already read and download the full catalogue of digital comics, but coming this month, you’ll be able to order PRINT comics of some of our most popular titles too! So keep your eyes peeled!

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