Cloudwrangler Comics is coming to

Long Beach Comic Expo!

Plus a full slate of convention appearances this year are announced, and an all-new Kickstarter project is coming in February!

I’m super excited to be appearing in Artist’s Alley at Long Beach Comic Con, Feb. 17th and 18th at the Long Beach Convention Center! Come check out the very first Cloudwrangler Comics table, featuring tons of great stuff! I’ll have copies

 of Gravity Matters, Major Holmes & Captain Watson, and much more. I’m really excited to start presenting these books to the public, and hope a ton of you can come by! Long Beach puts on a great set of conventions every year, and this really feels like the first big event of Con season, so come by and say hello! I’d love to see y’all!

It’s Convention Season!

Cloudwrangler Comics is hitting the road! I always think of March and Emerald City as the “beginning of Comic Con Season”, even though there are really great local cons happening year round! This year I’ll be tabling in Artist Alley’s and Small Press sections of Cons all over the place! Mostly I’ll be sticking to the West Coast t

his year, but there will be a few far-off destinations as well! Below are just SOME of the places I’m confirmed to be, and I’ll have plenty of offerings from Cloudwrangler Comics in tow! Come by, say hello, find something new or pick up a favorite, I’d love to see you and talk about comics!

Confirmed Convention Schedule!

Long Beach Comic Expo – Artist Alley D30 

Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle


Silicon Valley Comic Con

San Francisco Comic Con

(actually in Oakland, but whatever!)

Powerhouse Comic Con

Tampa Bay Comic Con

February 17-18

March 1-3

March 23-25

April 6-8

June 8-10

July 28

Aug 3-5

The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast!

from Jeff Rider and Davide Puppo

Coming soon to Kickstarter!

I kinda feel like I saved the best for last with this one…

Take a look at just some of the images from the upcoming book The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast #1! Lark Laraar is the activist owner of the hottest cocktail bar in San Francisco, but a new employee just learned her deepest secret: she’s also a sorceress whose drinks are literally magic! It’s a world (actually, several worlds!) filled with magic, monsters, and some killer cocktails! This is a story many years and many drinks in the making, and we can’t wait to share it with y’all! Stay tuned for details on the Kickstarter campaign coming in February, and look for the book itself in May-June from Cloudwrangler Comics!

Davide would want me to tell y’all these are works in progress, mostly just flatted color work. But they are already amazing, so just wait until you see the finished product!


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