My 2015 Con Schedule!

345097_die_cut_stickersIt’s almost that time of year again for comics lovers: Convention Season! Honestly, I have no idea if anyone other than me calls it that, but there is certainly a run through the Spring and Summer that seems to see lots of the best cons, with Emerald City at the Jump off point, Comic Con International at the height of the season, and New York Comic Con kind of rounding things out in the fall. I went to a few good ones last year and this year, with both Been Bit and Major Holmes and Captain Watson in the world, I’ll be attending a few more (thank God for airline miles and hotel points!)

So, if you’ll be at any of the following spots and want to get together for a beer, talk comics, or grab one of the new stickers that you see here! Patreon backers, this is your best chance to grab both of them! The hit the contact form on this site, or reach out to me at @cloudwrangler on Twitter or any of the other handy social site links just above. Without further ramblings, here’s my:



2015 Con Schedule


March 27-19: Emerald City Comic Con – I really enjoyed this one last year, and love Seattle in general. Really wish they were repeating the Creator Connection panel, but it looks like not this time. Still, the schedule is listed as “tentative.”


April 3-5: Wondercon Anaheim This one was on e of my faves last year. Met the inimitable Michael Dorman, looking forward to meeting and seeing lots of California folks.


April 24-26 : C2E2 – Found this con a little unfriendly last year, which is odd because Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the world. Looking forward to a better experience this time around.


(Tentative) May 28-31: Phoenix Comic Con – I’ve heard mixed things about this particular event. Anyone been? Let me know what it’s like!


June 6-7: Special Edition: NYC loved the smaller feel of this con last year, and met Stan Chou there! It’s where Been Bit was born, and I’m stoked to go back.


June 19-21 Heroes Con Charlotte – Of all the cons I didn’t attend last year, this is the one I think I regretted the most. I’ve heard so many good things about it. Got a badge, airfare is proving tricky for this (really bummed Virgin doesn’t fly here, as that’s where all my airline miles are amassed. Ah well…)


July 9-12: Comic Con International in San Diego – The Granddaddy of them all, and this will be y first time attending ever! Honestly, it’s a little intimidating, but I’m gonna try to take it easy and enjoy being both a new creator and a fan.


(Tentative) September 4-7: Dragon Con Atlanta – My wife keeps telling me we “know people” who run this show. I just hope it’s as good as I’ve heard.


September 19-20: Rose City Comic Con – one of my faves, a smaller con in a fantastic city, and so close to home! May even propose or help run a Creator Connection style panel here this year, as they haven’t had one in the past. If you’re interested in that idea, let me know!


October 8-11 – New York Comic Con – Was there 2 years ago, but missed last year, and it’s expanded offerings. I wonder if it’s gotten too big to handle? I guess we’ll see…

Sticker! Free! Just find me at a con!


If you are attending any of these, just know I’ll be roaming the floor meeting as many artists and fellow comics creators as I can. I may have a pro badge for a few of these shows, but likely won’t have a table anywhere. I always attend the Creator Connetion type panels, and I’m always looking for new folks to help me make comics! I’m in search of artists, colorists, letterers, you name it, to help me turn my stories into real life comics, both in print and on the web. So if you want to get together, if we’re friends on Twitter of Facebook but not yet in real life, or if you just want to hang with a fellow comics lover, please please please REACH OUT! Until then, have a great year!


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