Who Am I?

I have wanted to write comics since I was just a kid. The truth is I’ve only marginally grown up, and I’ve never outgrown my love of brightly colored stories where people drive fast, jump off ridiculous things, and blow shit up. I’ll never be a super hero or secret agent, (and frankly, neither will you. Sorry.) But I can live those lives in my head and in my work. They ARE real lives, all happening in that “one square foot of real estate” that sits just above my neck.

To get them OUT of my head and into the real world, I need partners.

Comics are, and always have been, a collaborative art form. To make these stories a reality, I need YOUR HELP. If you are an aspiring or established artist and want to help bring these stories to life, just say the word. Any and all of the ideas that you see here are in some stage of development by me, from character treatments or plot outlines to full scripts. I’ll post samples here and if you want to get in on the fun, I’m ready for you. I absolutely love creating with other people, collaborating, being part of a team. Don’t forget that anything and everything you see here is open for discussion, debate, and change. Collaboration means your input is just as important as mine, so don’t get hung up on my lousy titles, decide you hate someone’s name, etc. Weigh in, and let’s make comics!

Get in Touch!

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