Hell’s Bells

Two Killers, three targets, and one Hell of a Ride. Literally. When Charles Adam Other and “Billy White” Perle take a series of professional hits from a mysterious client, they’re given a very special tool: A ’68 Camaro 350 Super Sport, with a trunk full of guns and a very dark secret. Inside the Camaro rests the spirit of Caim, a fallen angel, General of Hell, and downright nasty son of a bitch. And Caim is the client. Can Charles and Billy resist Caim’s hateful temptations, or will they become the Hot Rod from Hell’s final victims?


This is a 5 issue limited series that can also be worked into a single long form graphic novel. Sample pages and 1st issue story outline are here, as well as character profiles to help an artist get a feel for the players. If you come across something that’s password protected, use the contact form on this site to reach out and I’ll give you the password!



Hell’s Bells Issue #1 Sample Pages


Hell’s Bell’s Character Profiles




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