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downloadIf you like what you’re reading here at Cloudwrangler Comics, first of all THANK YOU!!!

These stories are my great passions, and the artists and creatives I work with to help make them a reality are some of the best people in the world. It’s a tough business, but we’re all working very hard to make the best comics we can.

If you’d like to experience these comics in a new way, check out Cloudwrangler Comics on comiXology! We’ve started with our first short, Been Bit there, and you can still buy it for just 99¢!! An amazing deal, and a great way to help support Cloudwrangler Comics. We’re happy to give these stories away, but they cost money to make, and comiXology sales all get funneled back into other projects.

We’ve also added Gravity Matters to the Comixology store, and for only $1.99! Get it now! We also added the the full-color full 20-page version Major Holmes & Captain Watson #1, right here!

And coming soon we’ll have the all new sequel Gravity Matters: Blackline and the sci-fi short Jet Pack Guy! 

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