R.A.T.S. is the story of Carrie Coulton, a young woman with an extraordinary gift for language who becomes a member of an elite, secret government task force. Carrie can instantly speak and understand any language she hears or reads the tiniest bit of. However, she has no formal training, and cannot explain her gift, even to herself. She grew up with no opportunity for higher education and her attempts to pursue legitimate career paths have been stymied. She’s learned her ability also applies to the “language” of mathematics and cryptography, making her a gifted hacker, and she’s become a con-artist and industrial spy.

While on a job in Norway, Carrie uncovers some incredibly advanced medical technology. She is discovered during her theft by a mysterious figure and nearly killed by his henchmen, but is rescued by a special ops military group. They reveal themselves to be agents of a secret government program of “autonomically advanced” people like her. At their HQ, she meets Alex Scott (who has advanced problem solving abilities), Major Brandon Teague (who has incredibly visual acuity), Dr. Henry Langenbrunner and a mysterious man known only as Jack. She’s told that she is under arrest and must agree not only to join the team (who jokingly call themselves R.A.T.S.) but must submit herself to testing and study to help determine the nature of her gift. Carrie is reluctant but her desire to understand herself leads her to accept.

R.A.T.S. is a high-stakes espionage thriller with a slight superhuman twist, exploring a range of thematic concepts: medical experimentation and advancement, human potential, and core personal identity. Can Carrie and her comrades reconcile their use as human experiments and their commitment to do good in the world with their gifts? And do these extraordinary abilities dictate who and what they are, or enhance them?

This action adventure series is fully scripted in 24 page issues through #2, with more issues on the way. Full synopsis and in-depth character notes are also available to help artists get a feel for the story and it’s players. If you come across something that’s password protected, use the contact form on this site to reach out and I’ll give you the password!


R.A.T.S. Issue #1 – Bait the Trap (sample script pages)


R.A.T.S. First Arc Synopsis







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